Accessories & lighting

  • sizer


    Sizer plays with boundaries between public and private information, intellectual property rights, ubiquitous and precious. By using a plastic measuring device as the "wax" in silver casting, the device is destroyed but serves its function of measurement directly, shedding its mass-produced utility in its final act, transforming into a permanent expression of aesthetics inherent in industrial form.

    materials: sterling silver

    method: lost plastic cast and hand finished

    dimensions: size 6 -> size 12.25 x 4.75mm x 1.5mm

    creditsdesign, production, & finishing >> Chris Ryan


    sizer ring intro thumbnail
    sizer ring 6.0
    Sizer 6.0
    sizer 7.0
    sizer 7.0
    sizer 8.0
    Sizer 8.0 inside detail
    sizer 8.0
    sizer in use
    sizer in use
    Sizer 11.5
    sizer 11.5
    sizer 12.25 and 6.0
    sizer 12.25 and 11.5
    sizer rings and waxes
  • featherbowl

    catch-all vessel

    This dynamic yet functional bowl carries a story of form created by constant tension. Five identical wood pieces, when bent and woven, work together to serve as a rigid, lightweight catch-all for personal items.

    materials: quarter-sawn canadian walnut and birch custom veneer

    method: laminated, laser and CNC cut, hand finished

    dimensions: 16" x 3.5" x 3"

    creditsdesign, production, & finishing >> Chris Ryan


    featherbowl gallery
    bent wood featherbowl
    bent wood featherbowl
    detail of pin
    bent wood bowl featherbowl
    front view of feather bowl
    feather bowl process model
    feather bowl process model
    feather bowl process model
    feather bowls working models, natural finish
    laser cutting path part layout
    laser cutting veneer profile
    flat pack assembly
    complete bowl working model
    feather bowl assembly diagram
    feather bowl packaging graphics
  • oculus

    pendant lamp

    These pendants convey a pod-like fleshiness when lit, boney and shell-like when unlit. The forms aim to entice curiosity while suggesting something in a private state of being. Mainly shedding up-light, the diffusers also cast a single curious ellipse from their oculus.

    materials: translucent porcelain

    method: slip cast

    dimensions: 11" x 8" (28 x 20 cm)

    phase: 9 units, working prototypes

    creditsdesign & production >> Chris Ryan


    Oculus porcelain pendant lamp
    Oculus porcelain pendant lamp hung in multiples
    Oculus single pendant
    Oculus pendant lamp multiples
    Oculus ideation sketching
    Oculus ideation sketching
    Oculus lamp concept sketches
    Oculus ideation model
    Oculus foam positive before shaping
    Oculus slip cast plaster mold
    prepping mold
    prepping mold and mixing slip
    mold filled with slip building wall thickness
    second firing
    Oculus transparent porcelain diffussers after sand blasting, glazing and two firings
    Oculus lamp wired
  • paradigm

    mirror light

    Mirrored ambient wall lights with layered geometric patterns, reflect and illuminate the surrounding space, like suspended animation, producing visual paradigms simultaneously in statis and transition.

    materials: acrylic mirror

    method: laser cut and etched, hand assembled

    dimensions: 48" x 36" x 2.5"

    availability: coming soon

    creditsdesign & production >> collecula


    paradigm mirror lights
    paradigm lights
    paradigm lights
    paradigm lights front view
    paradigm front view
    paradigm with girl's face
    backlit laser etched star graphic detail
    laser etched geometric detail